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GT4B188 Automatic square can sealing machine with eight rollers/can closing machine

This machine/can closing machine is mainly suitable for the metal square can’s sealing of 10L-18L paint drum、lubricating oil drum(a small amount of adjustment can be made as user’s requirement). It consists of one sealing machine、one lid feeding device and conveyor.The equipment,which is all controlled by PLC with low noise and long life span, has stable performance and is easy to handle,simple in structure.It’s the preferred production of canning line.

can closing machine

can closing machine

can closing machine

YX-18LC square can body flanging machine/tin can roll forming machine

The operator of this can-making machine/tin can roll forming machine only needs to insert the tin can body into the model and then step on the switch. The machine can simultaneously complete the work of expanding square, pressing angle rib, and flat embossing. It is safe and labor-saving to use.

tin can roll forming machine
tin can roll forming machine

tin can roll forming machine

tin can roll forming machine

Front-feeding can seam welder machine/aerosol spray can making machine

This welding machine /aerosol spray can making machine is equipped with nitrogen spray welding seam protection system, which makes the welding seam more beautiful, and can also be equipped with internal and external coating machine and dryer. It is a necessary product for metal cans.

aerosol spray can making machineaerosol spray can making machine

aerosol spray can making machine

Automatic Tandem Disc Shearing/rectangular can making machine

The automatic slitting machine/rectangular can making machine is suitable for high-precision shearing tinplate in can making enterprises. It is a shearing equipment that must be equipped with high-speed resistance welding machine. Cutting precision, when the cutting knife needs to be sharpened, no need to remove the knife, just add a grinding machine to the circular shear can be sharpened.

rectangular can making machine

rectangular can making machinerectangular can making machine

1-10L can automatic rounding welding machine/small tin can making machine

This welding machine /small tin can making machine is suitable for making metal can body, which is a full automatic can making equipment integrating automatic rounding and welding. Equipped with the electromechanical integrated intelligent control system, the equipment cans type adjustment is the simplest, high production efficiency, convenient operation, stable welding quality, firm and beautiful welding seams. It is the most ideal automation equipment in the food and chemical can making industry.small tin can making machine

small tin can making machine

small tin can making machine

Electromagnetic drying machine/tinplate tin can making machine

The tinplate tin can making machine/ automatic electromagnetic dryer covers a wide range of cans. The adjusting range is wide and the two conveyor belts are designed as V-shaped structure. The cans are conveyed smoothly. The guide can be designed with lifting function, which is convenient and quick to adjust. Man-machine interface in Chinese and English, modular storage of parameters, easy to operate, and with fault self-diagnosis function, safe and reliable.tinplate tin can making machine

tinplate tin can making machine

tinplate tin can making machine

How to avoid the process of tin-plating can be scratched

How to avoid the process of tin-plating can be scratched
Canning process more, if not handled properly, easy to scratch the phenomenon of tin layer, serious may damage the alloy layer, is to promote the contents of tin, iron chemical reactions and electrochemical reactions to accelerate corrosion of the tank wall Key factor. Therefore, every process of canning must be carefully and carefully operated. Now the main process of the tank may be scratched tin layer causes and prevention methods, are as follows:
1. Clipper plate, positioning plate adjustment and control can not be too tight, otherwise it will cause the body of the strip drawing abrasion
2. Can body cutting knife edge burr, into a circle when the material is easy to scratch the next piece of material. Therefore, we must always check the geometric shape and shape of the body panels, if necessary, timely repair grinding cutter blade.
3. Can body delivery track wear, if dust, impurities can make the body abrasion.
4. Sizing improper regulation, too tight or guide wheel is not flexible, etc. will cause bruising.
5 to send the track rail, tanker wear or tune too tight, will cause abrasion during delivery.
6.Flanging tool wear, especially the impact flanging machine, flanging mold is not standard, flanging curve is not smooth slope was sub-grade, will cause burr flanging. Spinning flanging machine Flanging Spinning wheel is not flexible, there is no calibration is good, can also cause burring flanging.
7. Sealing curling edge curling

(1) Sealing Machine Sealing accuracy poor

(2) sealing cans, rollers are not standard, not in accordance with the different thickness of tin plate, hardness, the choice of suitable diameter of the pot head and roller.
(3) seal wheel groove curve is not smooth or worn.
(4) seal cans and rollers with poor, poor regulation.
(5) can lid (bottom) and lid sealing machine cover not enough coordination.