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2019 security packaging (Semi-automatic tin can seamer)technology debut!

Semi-automatic  tin can seamer

2019 security packaging (Semi-automatic tin can seamer)technology debut!

In recent years, new anti-counterfeiting technologies  are emerging in China, and anti-counterfeiting products are also new products falling out.In addition to two-dimensional code, security labels, fingerprint security and other technologies, In 2019  what new security technology will debut?


Security keywords in 2019 – cloud film packaging

Cloud film packaging can realize amplification, dynamic three-dimensional effect, novel and unique, and has strong visual impact, its special anti-counterfeiting function also make the product a higher brand image, suitable for all kinds of product packaging and the non-drying label is made, and is widely used in cigarettes, liquor, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries.


Security keywords in 2019 – three – dimensional code

The 3d code anti-counterfeiting standard takes the multi-colored layer anti-counterfeiting structure patent material as the carrier, the random depth chiseled, forms the unique structure information graph, the three-dimensional feeling is remarkable, moreover is the non-ink printing matter.Three-dimensional code has all the characteristics of two-dimensional code, and has its own anti-counterfeiting function, each three-dimensional code is the code and anti-counterfeiting target general summary, is the code and the unique interface, is the connector, is the window of the relationship between the object and data information.Not only not easy to forge, identification is also quite convenient!


Security keywords in 2019 – holographic relief printing

The holographic relief effect is the first holographic printing technology in the market. Because of its hard to copy and no imitation of the process, it has become another “naked eye can distinguish” anti-counterfeiting technology, the effect is intuitive and easier for consumers to distinguish.To fully display the market leading position of guan wen in full-color holographic stereoscopic technology, holographic stereoscopic relief effect and double-sided overprinter color printing technology.


Security keywords in 2019 – paper chip

Paper chip is based on paper grain technology. The core of its application scheme is to extract paper grain and identify paper grain through mobile phone, so as to identify and identify each piece of ordinary paper, so that ordinary consumers can conveniently and accurately identify the authenticity of goods.


Security keywords in 2019 – printing labels

Cat eye positioning laser printing label adopts the method of updating the product label, special edition, high-precision positioning printing, both high anti-counterfeiting performance, but also has a beautiful appearance, the best of both sides.It combined with the code query technology, can achieve the cosmetics anti-counterfeiting traceability, anti-channelling goods management, is some of the larger enterprises must consider!

Semi-automatic  tin can seamer

How to establish a sound factory quality management system/Semi-automatic tin can seamer machine

 Semi-automatic  tin can seamer machineHow to establish a sound factory quality management system

For the manufacturing industry, product quality is the lifeline of the enterprise. The factory is the place where products are produced and directly determines the quality of products.If an enterprise wants to produce good quality products, it must have a comprehensive factory quality management system to realize its goal.

1. Design a reasonable and effective system flow

Start with process design.To establish a complete factory quality management system, the main process is very important, both logical, efficient and meaningful.Our task, therefore, is to identify the risks that threaten the achievement of production objectives and to try to reduce them to a level that is acceptable to the management process.Set up a limited factory quality management system through reasonable design of process.

2. Department design and division of work in the factory

In the production line, the design of the department should be reasonable, so as to make sense of the responsibilities and roles of personnel.That is to say, the department should be designed to meet the needs of the control process, rather than set up intangible obstacles to hinder the implementation of the process.This is a problem of employee allocation in the plant quality management system, and it is also a kind of problem that is difficult to deal with.

3. Policies and procedures

Develop a formal set of policies and standard procedures that help constrain employee behavior and help their factory quality management systems understand how processes are implemented.

4. Error correction process

In case of adverse consequences caused by human factors, process errors or technical reasons, measures shall be taken to prevent similar problems from happening again.We must undertake evaluating in the foundation that analyses risk, cost, benefit, take corresponding precaution measure.This is also a key part of the quality management system.

5. Index analysis

Refers to the development of some indicators that can effectively measure the process and implementation results, and periodically evaluate the data collected to check whether the process is in the control track, and take the initiative to take action before the accident.


In short, the factory is the first line, but also the product from scratch, quality is determined by the production line.Therefore, in order to improve product quality, enterprises must pay close attention to the management of the production line and establish a complete and comprehensive factory quality management system.Eliminate unqualified products from the starting point, improve their own ability, to achieve the goals of the enterprise.

Semi-automatic tin can seamer machine Semi-automatic tin can seamer machine Semi-automatic tin can seamer machine

Semi-automatic  tin can seamer machine